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They had not thought that the journey from love to marriage would be so long.

Two young hearts had started cherishing the dreams of married life, but the hours of waiting were increasing.

Seeing me lost and sad, mother said, “What’s the matter, Rati, why are you sitting with your mouth hanging like this?” There was no phone call from Manoj for many days. Did the two quarrel with each other?

‘No, mother, what to talk about every day.

For how many days were preparing for marriage, everything went in vain. If Manoj’s grandfather had not died, it would have been 15 days since your marriage. He was very old. Marriage could have taken place after thirteenth, but your in-laws are of very conservative views. It is said that there are no shadows. Now marriage will happen only after 5-6 months.

All our preparations went in vain. The wedding cards had been distributed. Advance payments had been made to the function hall, caterers, decorators, and many more. Postponing the marriage for 6 months has caused a lot of damage.

This is why Manoj is very disturbed, mother. But can’t say anything.

Son, we too were once your age. You can understand the feeling of both, but we cannot do anything even if we want to. I even told your mother-in-law that what if there is no shadow, all days are auspicious for good work… Now we should get married.

All I had to say was that she got angry and started saying, all days must be auspicious for you, but we believe in shadows. He is our only son, we don’t want to create any illusion in his mind by ignoring the old beliefs from our side.

Rati started thinking that what can mother do more than this and what should I do, how can I tell mother what Manoj wants.

We both studied together from nursery to intermediate. But the friendship happened only after coming to Inter. After Inter, Manoj went to do engineering and I did B.Sc. I had taken admission in Even though we were separated in college, we used to spend some time together during the holidays. Used to talk on the phone in between. Chat used to happen on the computer.

M.Sc. As soon as I came, my father started looking for a boy for marriage. I also said that mother, M.Sc. But they said that you should continue your studies, which marriage is happening right now, it takes time to find a good boy.

Manoj’s image floated in my eyes as soon as the discussion of marriage started. Although both of us were good friends, but till then both of us had not promised each other to get married. We didn’t even dream of a future together, but when mother discussed marriage, Manoj thought about it, should I consider it as love. Does Manoj also want the same, how can I know what is in his heart.

When I told Manoj about the offer of marriage by my mother, he said, “You will get married so soon, now you have 2 years M.Sc. It will take time to do it,” then after thinking something, he said, “Tell me straight, will you marry me… but now it will take at least 2-3 years for me to settle down.

A wave of happiness touched Tanman, “To be honest Manoj, when mummy talked about marriage, I immediately remembered you…is this love?”

I understand that this is love, look, what I could not say till now, as soon as the talk of your marriage came up, I came to my mind and I proposed to you.

Now that both of us have already expressed our love for each other, then we will have to think seriously about this matter.

You will not have to think Rati, you will also have to convince your parents for this marriage.

“Will your family agree?”

Look, I am in my final year of engineering right now. Coaching of my cat is also going on…she also has to give her exam. By the way, it is possible that this year you will get placement in a good company because many companies come to the college and offer jobs. If I get a good offer, I will accept it and as soon as the marriage discussion starts, I will inform you about it.

The sprout of love had already blossomed between us and this love of ours had now started dreaming of becoming a life partner. Now it had become necessary to mention this in our own house.

When I told my mother about Manoj, she said, “He does not belong to his caste… how can this happen, your father will not agree at all, are Manoj’s parents ready?”

At present, his family members do not know anything about this, till the final examination, Manoj will get a job offer in a good company and he will join the company as soon as the result comes. Only after that he will talk to his parents.

“Is it necessary that he will agree?”

“Mummy, I need your permission first.”

How can I take this decision alone… I will have to talk to your father… I will have to gather courage to talk to him. What will you do if papa is not ready?

‘What to do, mother, if marriage happens, it will happen only with your blessings, otherwise it will not happen.

Here my M.Sc. The final started, on the other hand, as soon as the engineering was completed, Manoj got a good start in a big company and it was also almost certain that sometime in the future, the company would send him to the US. can send. The discussion of marriage had started in Manoj’s house too.

I somehow convinced my mother and mother convinced my father, but Manoj’s mother was not at all ready for this marriage. This decision created a storm in Manoj’s house. In his house, his mother runs more than his father. It was once told by Manoj… Manoj had also announced in his house that he would marry Rati and not anyone else.

After all, Manoj’s sister-in-law had explained to his mother in his own way, “Mummy, this stubbornness of yours will drive Manoj away from you, nowadays the mental state of children is not known as to what they might do.” There is news in today’s newspaper that the lover-girlfriend committed suicide after not getting the approval of the parents… they are both adults. Manoj is earning well. If he wanted he could have married in the court but he did not do so and is waiting for your approval now it is up to you to decide.

Manoj’s father had said, “Son, I have no objection to this marriage of Manoj…the girl is educated, beautiful, belongs to a good family…and above all, Manoj likes her.” Well, if it is not of our caste then what happened but who will explain to your mother.

When everyone is ready then am I his enemy? Why should I be the bad one? I am also ready.

Before the mother changed her mind, the matchmaking ceremony had already been completed. It was decided that my M.Sc. Marriage will happen as soon as it is completed.

It’s been a year since we got engaged. The date of marriage had also been fixed. Had it not been for Manoj’s father’s death, we both would have returned from Kullumnali, Shimla after celebrating honeymoon and after 3 months I would have gone to America with Manoj.

But now there are no shadows for 6-7 months, so Manoj’s mother has said that the marriage will happen only now. But Manoj is not happy with the postponement of the marriage. For this, he himself will have to talk in his house. Yes, if there was any obstruction from my house, I would try to remove it.

But what should I do, I agree that he also has some feelings, since 4-5 years we have been meeting like friends, like lovers, but we have never seen Manoj getting weak like this. Although if he could have had his way, he would have got married on the very second day of the engagement, but it was my final year, so he was heartbroken.

We spent the long hours of waiting together, sometimes by talking on the phone. We both eagerly waited for the wedding day. Distance was unbearable. The desire to stay together and unite used to get stronger. , As the time was passing, the days were moving towards the destination while diving in the colorful sea of dreams. 10 days before marriage, we had even stopped meeting that now we will see each other only as bride and groom, but 7 days before marriage Babaji’s death ruined our dream palace.

It was Manoj who gave me the news of Babaji’s death and said, “Babaji also had to go now. There is again an expanse of endless desert between us. Looks like I have to go to America alone now. Meeting you has become a mirage.

We both met in the garden after the thirteenth. He was getting very emotional, “Rati, I can’t bear the distance from you anymore. I feel like taking you and flying to an unknown place, where there is no society, no traditions, no customs among us. In the meeting of two lovers, the rules and regulations of the society have raised such a high barrier that the limit of their patience has come to an end. Come on, Rati, let us run away somewhere… I want your close presence. It’s such a big city, let’s spend a few hours together in a hotel.

My condition was the same as that of Manoj. One mind used to say that now erase the Laxman Rekha drawn by it, but the other mind used to prick the pin of the rituals that without marriage all this is not right. Anyway, once Manoj’s wish is fulfilled, this wish will raise its head again and again, “No, this is not right.

“Isn’t it right, Rati? don’t you believe me We have to become husband and wife. My mind has become stubborn today, I can wander, Rati, take care of me,” he had started kissing wildly in the secluded corner of the garden. I had also given him this exemption today so that his impulse would calm down a bit, but I got up before Manoj’s deep breaths and the desire to get more involved seduced me too.

Brace yourselves, Manoj. Is this also a place to wander? I am also not a stone, I am a human… take care of yourself for a few days.

“I have been taking care of myself for so long.”

“What you are seeking is not the solution to our problem. For a permanent solution, now you will have to fight. Come on, I’m very hungry, feed me with a hot coffee, then let’s think about it together.

After ordering the waiter at the restaurant, I started the conversation, “Manoj, you have only one thing to do now… somehow make your parents ready for your early marriage, which is not very difficult. After all, he is our well wisher, you told him even once not to postpone the marriage for so long and get it done now.

“So tell me now. Everyone has some reluctance to leave something old and embrace the new. After all, he is ready for his intercaste marriage, neither will you see, he will definitely agree to marry without shadows.

A wave of happiness ran across Manoj’s face, “You are right Rati, why didn’t I notice this? I drop you at home after dinner. The date of court marriage has also come near, I will not allow it to be extended.

“Okay, now we will meet in the court on the day of marriage.”

Are you scared of my behavior today? In the meantime, is calling allowed or is that also not?

“Come on, allow me to make the call.”

After completing the formalities of the marriage in the registrar’s office, when both of us came out with our families, Manoj’s brother-in-law said, “Manoj, now both of you are legally sealed.” Rati is now yours.

“Hey son-in-law, this is India, we had to do all this for the visa, otherwise we don’t consider it a marriage. Rati will become the daughter-in-law of our house only after the marriage ceremony,” my mother said.

“It was just a joke, mom, now you guys go home.” I will bring the party from both of them.

After ordering food at the hotel, Manoj asked his brother-in-law, “Brother-in-law, has our complaint reached my mother yet or not?”

Brother-in-law, why do you worry? We both are not with you. America you both will go together. I haven’t talked yet, I was waiting for your court marriage to happen. Further, your sister has taken the responsibility of convincing the mother. Even if this doesn’t work, then I will take command.

“Yes brother, I will try my best to make mummy understand. ,

Yes, you try, if you don’t agree then take my name and say, ‘Whether you marry now or not, brother will take sister-in-law along.

“Wow brother, you have really grown up today.”

“After all, now I am the husband of one wife.”

“Ok, brother, now we will go, what is your program?”

“After roaming around for some time, I will first drop Rati at her house and then go to my house.”

Putting his arms around my neck, Manoj looked mischievously, “Yes, Rati, what do you say now, are your sanskars ready to accept me as your husband or not?”

Eyes dancing, I chirped, “Now you are ninety percent my husband.”

“That means there is still a shortfall of 10%… will we have to wait longer?”

“I regret that day Manoj… But now I am yours. ,


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