Best 50 Baby Names For Girls

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Baby Names For Girls


Baby Names For Girls


1. Aeronwen

Aeronwen is a Welsh girls’ name and means snow-white berry.

The common snowberry bears a small white berry that is edible but could become toxic in large quantities. It grows in shady, moist conditions and can often be found on riverbanks as well as in forested areas and floodplains.


2. Alcyone

Alcyone is a Latinized Greek name meaning kingfisher.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Alcyone was turned into a kingfisher. Her father, Aeolus, prevented storms for seven days on either side of the winter solstice so that she could lay her eggs. This story is the origin of the phrase halcyon days.


3. Amihan

Amihan is a name from the Philippines and means winter storm.

Rather than referring to winter storms in general, in the Philippines, Amihan is the time of year where the cool northeast winds dominate the weather. The period runs from November or December to May or June.


4. Aneira

Aneira is a Welsh name meaning much snow or very snowy.

Aneira only arrived on the naming scene in the early 20th century. It was created by pairing eira, which means snow, with an, which is an intensifying prefix, which acts much like adding very to another word.


5. Báine

Báine is an Irish name that means whiteness.

Although it is a gender-neutral name, Báine is most often associated with a princess in Irish mythology. The traditional Irish song Bruach na Carraige Báine features a white-haired girl.


6. Beira

Beira is a Portuguese name meaning border.

In Gaelic mythology, Cailleach Bheur was the personification of winter, but in modern Scotland, she is referred to as Beira, Queen of Winter.

Similar to Gaea, she was a creation goddess and mother of all other gods who followed.


7. Berfin

Berfin is a Kurdish name meaning snow.

Berfin is also the Kurdish name for the flower Galanthus, more commonly known in English-speaking countries as the snowdrop.


8. Beyle

Beyle is a Yiddish name that means white.

This name evolved from the Slavic word belu, which means white. A rare archaic name, Beyle, can also be written as Baila.


9. Beyza

Beyza is a Turkish name meaning very white.

Beyza is a reasonably popular girls’ name in Turkey but relatively unknown outside of the country. We think this makes it a great winter girls’ name for those who want something unusual but still want an actual, recognizable name.


10. Blanche

Blanche is an English and French name that means white.

Blanche was so popular in the U.S. during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was occasionally used as a boys’ name. In 1891, Blanche was given to 917 girls and seven boys.


11. Boann

Boann is an Irish name that translates as white cow.

In Irish mythology, Boann was made pregnant by Dagda, the good god. Dagda stops time so Boann can bear his child without her husband finding out, and the birth of their son is celebrated on the winter solstice.


12. Bora

Bora is an Albanian name meaning snow.

Bora is also a boys’ name in Turkey, where it comes from the name of the god Boreas, and a girls’ name in Korea, where it means purple.


13. Borime

An Albanian name, Borime means powdery snow.

Borime is a more elaborate version of Bora. It would make a great winter girls’ name for fans of skiing.


14. Chione

Chione comes from the Greek χιών and means snow.

According to Greek mythology, Chione was the daughter of Boreas, the god of the cold north wind and bringer of winter.


15. Crystal

Crystal is an English girl’s name meaning ice.

Although crystal can refer to a type of glass or something with a particular kind of geometrically shaped solid, the word’s root is kreus, which means to begin to freeze, form a crust.


16. Demeter

Demeter is a name from Greek mythology and means earth mother.

According to myth, when mourning for her daughter Persephone, Demeter sat in a temple, and consequently, a terrible winter fell upon the earth, causing mass famine. As a result, she was also sometimes called the Dark Mother of Winter.


17. Drifa

An Icelandic name, Drifa means snowdrift.

In the video game Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls, Drifa can be found living in Riften. In partnership with her husband, the character owns The Pawned Pawn.


18. Edurne

Edurne is a Basque name meaning snow.

Edurne is pronounced in multiple ways, depending on the language being spoken. The most common pronunciation is eh-DHOOR-neh, but eh-DUR-neh and ed-UR-na are also acceptable. Some Basque dialects do not emphasize syllables, making it eh-dur-neh or ed-ur-na.


19. Eira

Eira is Welsh for snow.

While in Wale this name means snow, in Sweden and Norway, it is the modern form of an ancient Norse name, Eir, which means mercy.


20. Eirwen

A Welsh name, Eirwen means snow white.

If the fairy tale Snow White is particularly close to your heart or meaningful for you, then Eirwen is a wonderful girls’ name.


21. Elva

Elva is an Irish name meaning white.

Elva is considered the anglicized spelling of the more traditional Irish name Ailbhe, which is considered a gender-neutral name.


22. Fanney

Fanney is an Icelandic name that means island snowdrift.

A relatively modern Icelandic name, this may not be the best choice in the U.S. or the U.K. In the U.S., fanny means butt, while in the U.K., it is a slang term for female genitals.


23. Fiona

Fiona is a Scottish name meaning white.

Fiona the Hippopotamus was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in January 2017. Premature and “only” 29 pounds at birth — the average is 55 to 110 pounds — she wasn’t expected to survive. The world watched live, via Facebook, as she grew.


24. Fjolla

Fjolla is of Albanian origin and means snowflake.

Found mostly in Kosovo, Fjolla is also used in the country metaphorically to denote something that is done quickly, perfectly, or flawlessly.


25. Fuyuko

Fuyuko is a Japanese name meaning winter child.

Fuyuko Matsui is a Japanese painter who creates using traditional techniques and materials. Her paintings are predominantly monochromatic, and she chooses subjects as a result of her psychoanalysis sessions.


26. Gwendolen

Gwendolen is a Welsh name that means white loop or white bow.

According to legend, Gwendolen was Queen to King Locrinus. He married her, took her lands as his own, and left her for another. Gwendolen raised an army, fought Locrinus, beat him, and became the Ancient Britons’ first queen.


27. Haukea

Haukea is a Hawaiian name meaning white snow.

Many people jump to the conclusion that Haukea cannot be a traditional Hawaiian name as Hawaii doesn’t have snow, but they are wrong. Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, both on the big island, experience snow at upper elevations.


28. Havaska

A Hungarian name, Havaska means snowy.

Havaska is a modern Hungarian name thought to have evolved from Havadi, which has a similar sound but means moon.


29. Hima

Hima is an Indian name meaning frost, snow, winter.

Also spelled Heema, this Sanskrit name is used most frequently in the southern and eastern regions of India and Nepal.


30. Holly

Holly is an English name from the name of the tree.

People began to use Holly as a name in English-speaking Christian countries because of its association with Christmas, making it a popular name for girls born during this time of the year.


31. Hulda

Hulda is a Germanic name that means gracious or friendly.

In the traditional Germanic fairy tale Mother Hulda, shaking the bedspread of the title character caused it to snow. In the German region of Hesse, “Hulda is making her bed” is a common euphemism for snowing.


32. Ísey

Ísey is an Icelandic name that means ice island.

Icelandic actress Ísey Heiðarsóttir is in a movie called Echo, which is a series of 56 vignettes of life in Iceland around Christmas time.


33. Isolde

Of uncertain meaning, Isolde is a Germanic name that could mean ice battle.

In the legends of King Arthur, the princess Isolde is betrothed to King Mark. However, she accidentally drinks a love potion, falls for a knight, Tristan, and their romance leads to their tragic death.


34. Kalda

Kalda is an Ancient Norse name meaning cold or chill.

Kalda is a premium designer brand from Iceland which creates footwear and handbags using sustainable and ethical practices and materials.


35. Kirsi

Kirsi means frost in Finnish.

As a word Kirsi means frost, but as a name, it is a shortened version of the Finnish name Kirsikka, which means cherry.


36. Lumi

A Finnish name, Lumi means snow.

Often seen in the top 50 girls’ names charts for Finland, Lumi would make a fabulous girl snow name for a family with Finnish heritage.


37. Marzanna

Marzanna is a Slavic name of uncertain meaning.

In Slavic mythology, Marzanna was a pagan goddess associated with winter. In some Slavic nations, the end of winter is still marked by burning or drowning an effigy of Marzanna, effectively killing winter so spring can arrive.


38. Morana

Morana is a Croatian and Serbian name that means death or plague.

Morana is the name used in Croatia for the goddess of winter, who is known as Marzanna in surrounding countries. It is also a feminine form of the Hebrew boys’ name Moran, which means viburnum shrub.


39. Neu

Neu is a Catalan name meaning snow.

Pronounced NOO, to rhyme with moo, Neu is the modern Catalan version of the more traditional girls’ name Neus, which is pronounced NEWS.


40. Neva

Neva is a Nordic name that means swamp.

While this is not the most appealing name meaning, according to the Finnish translation, in Spain, Niva is a nickname that comes from the word nevar, which means to snow.


41. Nieves

Nieves is a Spanish name meaning snow.

The name Nieves comes from the title given by some Roman Catholics in the region to the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, which means Our Lady of the Snows.


42. Nilak

Nilak is a Greenlandic name that means a piece of freshwater ice.

In the video game Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Nilak is a character found at the Six Bears camp. She is the song keeper of the Six Bears tribe.


43. Nívea

Nívea is a Portuguese Brazilian name that means snow-white.

Nivea B. Hamilton is the full name of the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter better known by the mononym Nivea. She is also known for her on-again, off-again relationship with Lil Wayne, with whom she has a son.


44. Piren

Piren is a Mapuche name meaning to snow or to hail.

With a population of approximately one million, the Mapuche are the largest ethnic group in Chile. However, only around 200,000 fluent Mapudungun speakers exist, with most people speaking Chilean Spanish. Piren is a traditional Mapuche name.


45. Poliʻahu

Poliʻahu is a Hawaiian name meaning cloaked blossom.

In Hawaiian mythology, Poliʻahu was one of the four goddesses of snow. She was said to live on Mauna Kea, the highest point in Hawaii.


46. Sarmīte

Sarmīte is a Latvian name that means frost.

Sarmīte is a diminutive form of Sarma. It is formed in much the same way as the English name Deborah becomes Deb, which then becomes Debbie. So Sarma becomes Sarm, which becomes Sarmīte.


47. Skadi

Skadi is an Old Norse name meaning damage or harm.

Skadi is the Germanic form of Skaði, and in Norse mythology, this was the name of a giantess associated with winter, the mountains, and skiing.


48. Sufferine

Sufferine is an Albanian name that means strong, cold wind.

Suferinë is the Albanian word for a particular kind of harsh, cold wind that often comes with snow. The colloquial phrase vershëllen suferina translates as Sufferine whistles, which means “It was snowing and the wind was strong and cold.”


49. Syvne

Syvne is a Nenets name that means winter woman.

The Nenets are an indigenous people who live along the coastline of the Arctic Ocean in what is now northern Russia. There are fewer than 40,000 native speakers left, leading UNESCO to designate Nenets as an endangered language.


50. Talvi

A Finnish and Estonian name, Talvi means winter.

In Finland, Talvi is the same as the word winter. However, in Estonia, the word for winter is talv. Consequently, the Estonians use both Talvi and Talve as a name, with both meaning winter.


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